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Readers Respond: Best Theme Park Attractions of 2000 to 2009

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I shared my picks for the top 10 rides of the decade, 2000 to 2009. Now it's your turn. What rides that debuted in the Aughties would you consider to be the best? Note that your picks should focus on themed attractions, not roller coasters--unless the coasters are highly themed. (My list includes Revenge of the Mummy and Expedition Everest, for example.)

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Touches all the senses! Though the one in California is way larger than the one in Orlando. [Added by Arthur Levine: I'm pretty sure the rides are identical in size.]
—Guest lisa


Sheikra at Busch Gardens, Tampa Bay is one of the best rides this decade! I agree with Toy Story being on the list too. [Added by Arthur Levine- Hey seffenergirl, thanks for adding your voice. But once again: No coasters on this list! Having said that, Sheikra is one wonderful coaster.]

the best ride of the decade

The best ride debuted in 2005 at Six Flags Great Adventure, the worlds tallest and fastest operating roller coaster Kingda Ka! [Edited by Arthur Levine: Yeesh! Did I or did I not write that this list was expressly for themed attractions, not roller coasters?]
—Guest neil

Ditto on Soarin'

Soarin' Over California gets my vote for best ride of the decade. It's unique and everybody can ride it and enjoy it. Revenge of the Mummy in Florida may be good, but not California. Sorry.
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