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Readers Respond: My Picks for the Best Disney World Rides

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What do you think are the best Disney World rides? Include your pick for the one best ride or show at each of the four Disney World parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios, and Disney's Animal Kingdom. Please indicate why you chose the attractions and feel free to share stories about your experiences on the rides.

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The REAL Most Popular Ride at WDW

I would have to say that by the sheer number of people who board it, the most popular ride at Walt Disney World would have to be the Monorail. Evidence: Everyone who parks in the Magic Kingdom's parking lot has to ride one to get to the park. [Added by Arthur Levine: Well, not everyone. Many take the ferry instead. But I get your point. The monorail is also one of the fastest rides at Disney World.]
—Guest bones

How was space mountain left out?!?

1. Space mt 2. test track 3. expedition everest 4. tower of terror 5. thunder mt 6. rock n rollercoaster 7. haunted mansion 8. splash mt 9. toy story midway mania 10. Dinosaur
—Guest Mark

Top 10 disney world

10 Festival of the Lion King is the best show in all of Disney World. Not many people see it, but it is very good. 9 Rock n Roller Coaster: 0 to 60 mph in 2 secs. But it's not as good as everyone would think. 8 Space Mountain is dark and turns a lot. 7 Pirates of the Caribbean is always a fun ride and never gets old. 6 Splash Mountain 5 Test Track: 60 mph says it all. 4 Kilimanjaro Safari is a great ride for all ages filled with different animals. 3 Soarin' waited 2 and a half hours for this ride, it was but worth the wait. 2 Big Thunder Railroad is crazy, especially in the dark. 1 Expedition Everest is a crazy thriller. My list will change once the new Seven Dwarfs ride in Magic Kingdom comes out. This ride will be another great roller coaster hopefully. Just there a few days ago, and saw its track layout, but it will probably be another year. Hopefully it will be good. And if you want to put water parks in this, Summit Plummet is amazing!
—Guest Corey

My Favorite Disney Rides

1.Tower of Terror 2.Splash Mountain 3.Expedition Everest 4.Rockin' Roller Coaster with Aerosmith 5.Space Mountain 6.Kali River Rapids.
—Guest Aryanna

Best for tweens (8-12)

This is sorted with ten being least and one being most. 10. Space Mountain. Pretty slow, by today's standards, but zippy with lots of sharp jerks and curves. Kids like the darkness. 9. Animal Safari. Not very interesting in terms of the story, but kids this age are old enough to enjoy the animals without being frightened by them. 8. Test Track. Who doesn't like going 60 miles per hour? Tweens like this especiallly because of both the speed and the fact they cannot drive yet. 7. Club Cool. Yes, this is not an attraction. No, I don't care. Two words why tweens love this pace: Free refills. Don't try the Beverly. 6. Splash Mountain. No words needed. 5. Tower of Terror. Tweens (and later, teens) love this stuff!! 4. Mission: Space. This stuff makes me sick, but my daughters loved it. 3. DINOSAUR: Scary, bumpy, and loud. Three things you need for instant awesomeness (in the kid's eyes) 2. Soarin' Awesome for all ages. 1.Rocking Roller Coaster. Epic.
—Guest Suzanne

My top 10

My top 10 are 1 tower of terror 2 aerosmith rollercoaster3space mountain 4 everest 5 buzz lightyear 6 splash mountain 7 toy story 8 test track 9 fantasmic 10 art of animation
—Guest Figment

Disney and Epcot

My husband and I went to Disney World twice in 2010. I have a neurological disorder in my neck (dystonia) that restricts me from fast and/or spinning rides. One of the best rides I've been on at Epcot was Soarin'. I saw both kids and adults enjoying this ride. I didn't think it was at all scary, yet very adventureous. The one physical side effect on this ride - for me, was the equalibrium upset, thus the ride made me dizzy and nauseated. That is probably a sign of a well-made 3D ride, though! I should have mentioned I have a problem with motion sickness. One of the rides that was mentioned, Peter Pan's Flight, imo is not safe. I was rather nervous while on the ride, not because it was scary, but because it sounded like the ride was falling apart! I could tell it was an original ride from 1971.
—Guest Suzy

Fun Kiddie Faves

1.Splash Mt. 2.Winnie the Pooh 3.Peter Pan's flight 4.Pirates of the Caribean 5.GREAT MOVIE RIDE! 6.Rock n roller coaster 7.Spaceship Earth 8.Phillharmagic 9.It's a small world 10.Soarin' [Not all rides have to scare you to be fun.]
—Guest Jess

Top 10

1,2, and 3 go to Tower of Terror, Rock 'n' Roller Coaster, and Toy Story Mania. 4: Expedition Everest, 5: Safari at Animal Kingdom, 6: Haunted Mansion, 7: Space Mountain, 8: Mission Space, 9: Fantasmic, 10: Splash Mountain. I've never tried Talking with Crush. Seems like I should.
—Guest WB


—Guest nuttinbuttduhtroof

Disney Lovin' Gramma

My never-fails are: Expedition Everest, Buzz Lightyear, Toy Story Mania, Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Carribean. I also reeeeally like Dinosaur!
—Guest FleucyCreek

Here's my Top 10

10.Pirates of the Carribean 9. Haunted Mansion 8.Splash Mountain 7. Thunder Mountain Railroad 6. Safari at AK 5. Soarin 4. Toy Story Mania 3. Test Track 2. Space Mountain 1. Barnstormer About.com Guide Arthur Levine: Barnstormer? At number 1? That's an unusual choice, Abby!
—Guest Abby

Best Attractions at Disney World

Mission: Space is by far the best attraction at Disney World! (Though I'll never ride it again because I almost puked my guts out because some rider before puked his/her guts out and left traces of him/herself there. Yuk!) Next comes Rockin' Roller Coaster with Aerosmith, then The Tower of Terror, and finally, the Test Track in Epcot

My Top Picks at WDW Parks

MK = Space Mountain (ride) & Mickey's Philharmagic & "Wishes" (tie) (show); EPCOT = Mission Space & Soarin' (Tie) (ride) & Illuminations (show); HS = Tower of Terror & Rockin' Roller Coster (tie) & "Fantasmic" (show); and AK = Expedition Everest (ride) & Lion King (show)

My Top 10 Disney World Rides

10. Turtle Talk With Crush: Different Every time - quite funny! 9. Monsters Inc Laugh Floor: Very well done and A Lot of Fun! 8. Buzz Light Year Space Ranger Spin - Who doesn't like a chance to shoot a "laser cannon?" 7. Splash Mountain - One of the best water rides around! The whole Song of the South Theme is Great! 6. Animal Kingdom Safari: While I could do without the "drama" that Disney inlcudes with this attraction, it is neat to see animals in a quasi-natural setting. 5. Tower of Terror: Different every time. The free falls are the best! 4. Toy Story Mania: Once I figured out how to operate the cannon, my accuracy improved! 3. Test Track: The bumpy parts are ok, but nothing beats speeding around the track at 60 mph! 2. Expedition Everest: This is a fast, fun ride, but it is much better when the Yeti is working. 1. Soarin: What can I say? Even though this ride is the same every time, it still is the best ride Disney has! The imagineers out did themselves!
—Guest Mark

No Legend of the Lion King?

For the Animal Kingdom, I think Legend of the Lion King is an amazing show. My other choices are: Tower of Terror for MGM, Space Mountain for Magic Kingdom, and Test Track for Epcot.

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My Picks for the Best Disney World Rides

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