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Readers Respond: My Picks for the Most Underrated Coasters

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What do you think are the most underrated coasters? Include your pick for the most underrated wood coaster and the most underrated steel coaster. Please indicate why you chose the coasters and feel free to share your thoughts about why you enjoy the rides and why you think they don't get the attention they deserve.

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Midwest is best

Some of the more underestimated roller coasters seem to be in the Midwest: 1) Zippin Pippin at Bay Beach in Green Bay. The first drop totally took me by surprise. 2) Zeus at Mt. Olympus in Wisconsin Dells is a crazy ride. 3) Viper at Great America is one of my favorites 4) American Thunder, Viper's St. Louis "cousin" is another fav and 5) Rock Bottom Plunge at the Mall of America is a tiny little underdog of a ride in Minnesota that surprised me; its very smooth and a lot of fun.
—Guest ironwolf1000

Top 10 Underrated Roller Coasters

Thank you for naming The Comet at The Great Escape #1. I rode The Comet many times as I grew up in Upstate New York, south of Rochester, and we went to Crystal Beach, Ontario almost every summer. I was very sad when it closed but very happy that The Great Escape saved the wonderful coaster. My daughter Megan and I went to Lake George this past July just so I could take her on this great ride. It was everything I remembered about it, lots of air time, thrills, and pure enjoyment. She loved it too. Thank you for letting people know that there are amazing old coasters out there. I look forward to going back to ride this again next year. M. Sofia
—Guest MC Sofia

Rebel Yell

I'd like to submit Rebel Yell as an underrated coaster. Rode it last year (2012), and it was a disappointment. Rode it this year, and I don't know what they did to it, but we (my sister and I) both agree that whatever they did, they hit a home run with it! To mikew, you might want to give it another shot. I bet you change your opinion (especially if you ride it at night!).
—Guest Wil

My underrated coasters...

10 roller coasters (in no particular order) that I consider to be underrated: Gemini at Cedar Point, Iron Dragon at Cedar Point, Mean Streak at Cedar Point, Loch Ness Monster at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Wildcat at Hershey Park, Comet at Hershey Park, Viper at Six Flags Great America, Raging Bull at Six Flags Great America, American Eagle at Six Flags Great America, and Batman: The Ride at Various Different Six Flags Parks.
—Guest Anonymous

A few greatly underrated rides

Flight of Fear (KI) and Flight Deck (KI) both deliver exciting rides and are way overlooked. Maverick (CP) is a coaster that deserves to be on more Top 10 lists, but Raptor (CP) is the most overlooked ride at Cedar Point, such a great ride. Wild Thing (Valleyfair) and Renegade (Valleyfair) are never mentioned as much as their sibling coasters but both deliver amazing rides, and High Roller (Valleyfair) gives far more and far better airtime than the Racer...an incredibly overlooked classic out-n-back woodie. Screamin' Eagle at St. Louis is just fantastic ride packed with speed and airtime, and finally all the Batman clones! They're neglected because there are so many, but the layout is popular for a reason: it's compact and intense as hell! The original at Great America is probably the best but the rest still deliver a powerful, fun, and action-packed ride.
—Guest skyasaurus

Scream is Meh

I'm surprised to see Scream! as an underrated coaster as it is my 3rd least favorite coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain (with Viper & Green Lantern being worse in my opinion). Scream could've been very good, but it suffers from a pretty bad rattle. Also, the theming of Scream is basically the ride's sign.
—Guest XYZ

Screamin Eagle

The Screamin Eagle at Six Flags St. Louis, a former record holder, is great, not too rough, and gives plenty of air time. It is a great John Allen coaster.
—Guest TNT

Great Escape Comet #1

The Comet at Great Escape was my #1 ride when I rode it in 1995. Unfortunately I have not been back since to compare it to my more recent experiences. Swamp Fox and Wild One are also among my favorites. I would not include Racer or Hershey Comet because they are braked to death. I would add Cedar Point's Blue Streak and Kings Dominion's Grizzly. For steel, I agree 100% with Gemini-- Its collection of drops is far better than Magnum's. I liked Great Bear a lot, but it does die out as it climbs the hill at the end of the ride. I certainly like it better than Alpengeist.
—Guest Jeff

What about Jack Rabbit?

I can't believe this old woodie at Kennywood Park near Pittsburgh, PA was not included. Its wild ride through the mountainside long predates Disney's Thunder Mtn. RR.
—Guest DBrub61086

Most underrated coasters

1. Flight of Fear (KI) 2. Gemini (CP) 3. Viper (SF:GAm) 4. Dominator (KD) 5. Racer (KI) 6. Maverick (CP) 7. Firehawk (KI) 8. Storm Runner (HersheyPark) 9. Possessed (DP&WK) 10. Farenheit (HersheyPark)
—Guest Michcoasterguy

Umm Scream! ?????

I dont see how Scream is underrated. Sure it's a good ride, but it's built in a parking lot!
—Guest coasterfanatic

That's Wicked

Where is Wicked at Lagoon? It uses LSM's to launch you 110 feet in the air, straight up. You then go straight back down. After a turn you hit a zero-G roll. After banking around for close to 20 seconds you return to the station. I would take this over a few of your choices.
—Guest SkiDaBird

For shame...

You say "Racer" at Kings Island, but forget to include that it is basically a clone of Rebel Yell from Kings Dominion? For shame... Arthur says: The User Answer feature is available so that users like you can chime in, and I'm glad you did. "For shame" seems a bit harsh, no? I've ridden Rebel Yell. While it is similar to Racer, I don't think Rebel Yell has aged nearly as well as Racer (at least the last time I visited King's Dominion, that was my experience).
—Guest mikew

Agree on Wild One

This was my first coaster over forty years ago when it still lived at Paragon Park at Nantasket Beach. I'll always remember the contests between my family as to who would be the first one to see the coaster as we drove out the road to the beach. This ride terrified and thrilled me as a boy and maybe its nostalgia, but I'm glad its still terrifying and thrilling a new generation. Now I got to get down to DC to ride it as an adult
—Guest Capecodmercury

More underated Coasters

Cyclone - Six Flags New England The Coaster - Dorney Park Twister - Knobels resort The Great White Moreys Pier, Wildwood A few Oldies but goodies. That do not get the recognition they deserve.
—Guest Schwarj1

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My Picks for the Most Underrated Coasters

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