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Readers Respond: My Picks for the Most Underrated Coasters

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What do you think are the most underrated coasters? Include your pick for the most underrated wood coaster and the most underrated steel coaster. Please indicate why you chose the coasters and feel free to share your thoughts about why you enjoy the rides and why you think they don't get the attention they deserve.

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What about Jack Rabbit?

I can't believe this old woodie at Kennywood Park near Pittsburgh, PA was not included. Its wild ride through the mountainside long predates Disney's Thunder Mtn. RR.
—Guest DBrub61086

Most underrated coasters

1. Flight of Fear (KI) 2. Gemini (CP) 3. Viper (SF:GAm) 4. Dominator (KD) 5. Racer (KI) 6. Maverick (CP) 7. Firehawk (KI) 8. Storm Runner (HersheyPark) 9. Possessed (DP&WK) 10. Farenheit (HersheyPark)
—Guest Michcoasterguy

Umm Scream! ?????

I dont see how Scream is underrated. Sure it's a good ride, but it's built in a parking lot!
—Guest coasterfanatic

That's Wicked

Where is Wicked at Lagoon? It uses LSM's to launch you 110 feet in the air, straight up. You then go straight back down. After a turn you hit a zero-G roll. After banking around for close to 20 seconds you return to the station. I would take this over a few of your choices.
—Guest SkiDaBird

For shame...

You say "Racer" at Kings Island, but forget to include that it is basically a clone of Rebel Yell from Kings Dominion? For shame... Arthur says: The User Answer feature is available so that users like you can chime in, and I'm glad you did. "For shame" seems a bit harsh, no? I've ridden Rebel Yell. While it is similar to Racer, I don't think Rebel Yell has aged nearly as well as Racer (at least the last time I visited King's Dominion, that was my experience).
—Guest mikew

Agree on Wild One

This was my first coaster over forty years ago when it still lived at Paragon Park at Nantasket Beach. I'll always remember the contests between my family as to who would be the first one to see the coaster as we drove out the road to the beach. This ride terrified and thrilled me as a boy and maybe its nostalgia, but I'm glad its still terrifying and thrilling a new generation. Now I got to get down to DC to ride it as an adult
—Guest Capecodmercury

More underated Coasters

Cyclone - Six Flags New England The Coaster - Dorney Park Twister - Knobels resort The Great White Moreys Pier, Wildwood A few Oldies but goodies. That do not get the recognition they deserve.
—Guest Schwarj1

Under Rated Coaster

Gemini (Cedar Point, OH) Deja Vu (6-Flags, GA) Rita: Queen of Speed (Alton Towers, UK) Lightning Racers (Hershey Park, PA) Alavanch (Blackpool, UK) Bolder Dash (Lake Compounce, CN) Gwazi (Busch Gardens, FL) Talon (Dorney Park) Silver Bullet (Knotts, LA) Backlot Stunt Coaster (Kings Dominion, VA)
—Guest Lon Smart

Tremors at Silverwood Theme Park

I must say, Tremors is one of the woodies in America that doesn't get much respect. Sure, it's been in the top 15 every year since 1999, but it needs a bit more recognition. After 10 seasons, the baby still runs great, and incredibly smooth for a CCI!
—Guest Golden Eagle

The Wild One at Six Flags America

Agree with you on that one. It's nearly 100 years old, but still rides like a charm.
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