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Readers Respond: My Picks for the Best Coasters

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From the article: Best Roller Coasters
What do you think are the best coasters? Include your pick for the best wood coaster and the best steel coaster. Please indicate why you chose the coasters and feel free to share stories about your experiences on the rides.

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Leviathan is the best steel in Canada

I love Leviathan at Canada's Wonderland in Toronto. it drops 306 ft. and is smooth. I must say it gets my heart going every time -- awesome ride. Also the old wooden coaster, Mindbuster, which was one of Canada's Wonderland first coasters when the park opened. Both coasters are excellent.
—Guest zigbling

Top 10 coasters

10. Griffon/SheiKra 9. Raptor 8. Loch Ness Monster 7. Wicked Twister 6. Verbolten 5. Manta 4. Skyrush 3. Rebel Yell 2. Intimidator 305 1. Apollo' Chariot
—Guest Guest Apollo

Nice selection

The wooden coaster list isn't too far from mine (except Ghostrider which has fallen apart). On the steel coasters, we disagree quite a bit... [Arthur Levine added:] Bill L., you've left us hanging over the edge of the first drop! Come on, man. Let us know where we disagree, and give us your top picks.
—Guest Bill L

This List is Old

I've been on eight out of the ten rides. The Cyclone no longer needs to be listed (but out of respect of that old woody I will just hold my tongue). Millenium Force is the king, and if you haven't ridden Skyrush in Hershey, you had better prepare to put it in the top five.
—Guest Robert Kellington

My Picks

The Ravine Flyer II at Waldameer in Erie, PA is my favorite wooden coaster. The Hollywood Rip Ride Rock It at Universal Orlando and the Intimidator at Carowinds in Charlotte, NC are my favorite steel coasters.
—Guest Josh


My favorite steel coasters are all at Six Flags Magic Mountain: X2, Tatsu, and Goliath.
—Guest theresa matteson

Behemoth at Canadas Wonderland

Best steel is Behemoth at Wonderland in Toronto, best wood is the Beast at Kings Island. Honourable mention for Millenium Force.
—Guest Jenna

Trio: Holiday World

I grew up in Cincinnati, so The Beast has always been my sentimental favorite woodie. However, a few hours west of Louisville is Santa Claus, IN. The 3 woodens there rival any around. Sorry Beast fans, The Voyage is a modern wooden coaster that is just an all out thrill fest with 24 seconds of airtime, 90-degree turns, and yes, tunnels. The Raven and Legend round out the trio are also great rides.
—Guest Andy G.

best wooden coaster

Hades 360 from Mt. Olympus in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin if hybrid coasters are still considered a wood coaster. The barrel roll is amazing and going through the long and dark underground tunnels where you go over humps or around curves where you can't see is awesome.
—Guest Allan Young


My favorite is Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point. It is so fast and intense.
—Guest marvin

The Beast

I've ridden quite a few coasters, but none can compare to the feeling of The Beasts. At the end of the 2nd lift hill, your body feels as if it's been beaten by a prize-fighter. [Added by Arthur Levine, About.com Guide: That's supposed to be a good thing?]
—Guest RolenInCountry

Well traveled

If you're going to have top lists, you will have to consider coasters from all over. 20 coasters and just 1 from east of the Mississippi? Please consider the likes of X2, Goliath, Medusa, Silver Bullet... Writer seems to be fond of New England and the East Coast
—Guest Rbholmes

Top 5 roller coasters

#1-Diamondback #2-Millennium Force #3-The Beast #4- Vortex(KI) #5-Flight of Fear(KI)
—Guest Trevor Simpkins


The best rollercoaster is the Coaster at PlayLand/PNE.
—Guest 2k5

Cedar Point Millennium Force

Millennium Force BY FAR!!! Cedar Point holds the best roller coasters over any amusement park.
—Guest Jessoca

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My Picks for the Best Coasters

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