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Readers Respond: My Picks for the Best Coasters

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MONTU is My Favorite

It's my all time favorite ride. Heaven on a track. It was also my first roller coaster. It took me from purse holder to coaster finatic. This coaster is glass smooth, has an amazing bat wing element that offers tremendous G-forces (especially in the back row), tight turns, wonderfully paced elements, always disorients, tosses, turns, and tumbles, but never makes me feel sick or nauseated. Ride is flawless in any seat, but you get the amazing view and wind speed in the front, and the extreme G-forces in the back. Last sub-terranial corkscrew gets me every time. I could go on and on about my love for Montu. Manta and SheiKra are close seconds.
—Guest Kat

Just visited HersheyPark, rode Skyrush

Skyrush has just jumped into my top 5 all time best steel coasters. Huge WOW factor, tiny lap bar, and you literally fly off the seat for half the ride.
—Guest salods

Cedar Point & DisneyWorld dissed?

Millenium Force (CP) is still the greatest steel roller coaster. I have ridden most of the coasters that the top 20 mentioned of steel and wooden. Many of these reviewers miss I believe are critical elements on these rides for ratings, like how smooth, do the G-forces go overboard and make u sick?, does the ride give you a view, an experience, etc. Anyone can make a Comet in Lake George (nice wooden coaster) but its in the middle of nowhere and nothing makes it stand out. Disneyworld's Tower of Terror is still one of the best conceived thrill rides I can think of. And I am going to add a personal fav of mine that I believe is tops on the Holy Crap list, the Extreme on top of the Stratosphere in Las Vegas, anything that hangs you off say the Empire State building and just lets you dangle there is pretty intense if you ask me even if its only a tiny steel coaster ramp.


Ok he has some good coasters up there, but no Beast from Kings Island or Millenium Force from Cedar Point!!!??? Those are arguably 2 of the best 10 coasters in the world. PERIOD. Diamondback is great, but Millenium is better and deserves to be up there.
—Guest C Snyder


Been to a lot of theme parks, and Alpengeist at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg Virginia tops the list. It's not the biggest/tallest/fastest, but it has a unique track design and definitely wins the "fun" factor. It's smooth for such a twisty ride.
—Guest Zander

Being British and a Coaster Enthusiast..

It's got to be the one and only Nemesis: intense G's, a true must do for any coaster fan! It's been giving an intense, yet fun ride for nearly 20 years, and showing no signs of taming the beast!
—Guest Chloe


Are you kidding me? Millenium Force doesn't even make the list? What a joke.
—Guest John

Zippin Pippin

Elvis Presley came to Green Bay with his Zippin Pippin from Liberty Amusement Park in Memphis. I never rode a coaster before, and I am 67. This wooden beauty was reconstructed and finished in 2011 at Bay Beach in Green Bay, WI. The first year, it attracted 468,000 riders, and it only cost a dollar to ride. The other rides are 50 and 25 cents. What a family value. The ride was a RUSH.
—Guest saldana17

X2: Best Coaster, Hands Down (or Up?)

I think the best roller coaster I've ever been on is X2 at Six Flags Magic Mountain. The 4th dimensional ride emanates a feeling not found in other coasters. A close second would be Tatsu also at Magic Mountain, followed by DeJaVu.
—Guest Chris H

Best Roller Coaster Ever.......

Without a doubt.......X2. There is nothing like it. Every other coaster is just "cute," after riding X2. You rotate 360 degrees while going down drops, so the the ground rushes up at you while you are face down.

Nitro Revisited

I already posted a full-length review of Nitro, prematurely, I'm afraid, because I hadn't experienced this coaster at its best. When I wrote the review I had ridden in the middle of the train. Now that I've ridden in the middle, 3rd row, 2nd row and 1st row I would like to elaborate by saying that the 1st row is definitely the best. In any row it's a great ride, but in the front seat it's an AMAZING ride. The 215-foot drop is all the more awesome. I wish I could add that to my already published review. Go for the first row!!! Fortunately, because the train seats 4 across, it doesn't take nearly as long to get in the front row as it does on 2-seaters, and it's well worth it. Wow!

The thrill of it

My top 5 steel: Millennium Force, CP; Nitro, Six Flags NJ; Alpengeist, Busch Gardens VA; Desperado, near Vegas; and Bizzarro Six Flags, MA. Top 5 wooden: Beast Kings Island, OH; El Toro, Six Flags NJ; Lightning Racer in Hersheypark, PA; Texas Giant, Six Flags Over Texas; and Clyclone, Coney Island, NY.
—Guest Lakers32

Favorite coasters

My favorite rollercoasters are 1. Top Thrill Dragster 2. Millenium Force 3. Maverick 4. Raptor The faster the better!
—Guest barrelracer16

Best wooden coasters I have ridden

1. El Toro. Totally awesome, exceptionally well-designed. Sensation of descending first steep drop delectable in the extreme. Better than sex. Rest of ride A-One. 2) The Voyage. Spectacular and crazy ride. Would be difficult to improve on this. Good airtime, scenery and ride length (1 minute longer than El Toro.) 3. Coney Island Cyclone. A true classic, sentimental favorite and surprisingly good ride for such an ancient coaster, depending on where you sit. 1st 2 front-seat rides on 7/10/11 were great - this relic can still deliver thrills and 1st drop hasn't lost anything over years - but 3rd ride in 4th row was disastrous. I got knocked about so violently and was in such agony that I couldn't wait for it to end. Left arm so severely inflamed and bruised that ride operators called on-duty doctor and incident report was written. Injury caused in part because ride has no seat belts, only lap bars, maximizing impact to single riders. Still, 2 good rides out of 3 ain't bad.

Hershey Park Fahrenheit a Fav

Fahrenheit at Hershey Park is one of my favs ever. It starts off with a huge climb, and before you know it you are headed down at a 97-degree angle. After that there are corkscrews and loops all the way to the end instead of one big drop then being bored for the rest of the ride.
—Guest bill

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