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Park Thoughts

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By JamesB

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Park Thoughts

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Park Thoughts

What are your favorite wooden coasters?

Either Prowler or Boulder Dash.

What are your favorite steel coasters?

Nemesis at Alton Towers, Maverick at Cedar Point, Stealth at Thorpe Park and Furius Baco at Port Aventura

What Do You Write About in Your Blog?

We write park reviews, news updates and thoughts on current developments. We include pictures and videos in most of our posts and try to make our posts as detailed and accurate as possible. We have also done a few video podcasts in the past.

Why Did You Start Your Blog?

The blog was originally thought up by the gaming site RCTLounge where several of the moderators set up the domain and slowly started putting together the site. A team grew together who all shared a passion for theme parks and their ever growing collections of rides. Personally, I was inspired to write for the blog after visiting Thorpe Park last year where I rode my first Inverted coaster and several other firsts. The park encouraged me to join the online theme park scene and learn more about it.


  • Always try to visit a park in school time, this way it is a lot quieter and you get good value for your money.
  • Head for the biggest rides either first, at lunch or after 3 PM when they are most likely to be quietest.
  • Pack plenty of drinks, walking around theme parks can be tiring work.
  • Always make a plan of what rides you want to do the most and make sure you plan out where your going to go first so time isn't lost whilst at the park.

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