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Salisbury Beach Woodie

Share Your Story: My First Roller Coaster Ride

By CoasterGuy

How Old Were You When You Rode Your First Coaster?


Do You Still Enjoy Riding Roller Coasters Now?


Is the Coaster Still Operating? Did You Ride It Again?

No, it was torn down years ago. Yes, I returned to ride it many times.

What Is Your Favorite Roller Coaster?

El Toro at Six Flags Great Adventure

Name of the First (Major) Roller Coaster You Rode

Not sure of the exact name. I think it was Cyclone or Wildcat. It was at Salisbury Beach in Massachusetts.

Describe Your Experience (Note 200 character minimum)

I was a bit buzzed (a shock, I know! at age 16!) and on a dare from one of my friends boarded the old wooden coaster. I was incredibly scared, and thought I was going to faint while climbing the rickety lift hill and staring down the first drop. After that though, it was great fun.

I had been on smaller coasters, Wild Mouse-style ones and others, but never one of the big boys. After riding--and surviving--the Salisbury Beach coaster, i felt a sense of mastery, overcame my fears, and have loved coasters ever since.

Lessons Learned

  • I wouldn't necessarily recommend a state of intoxication for a first coaster ride.
  • And dares are probably not the best way to encourage reluctant riders.
  • But it was a great first coaster experience.

Arthur Levine, About.com Theme Parks, says:

Yes, CoasterGuy, drinking (or whatever you were doing) and riding don't mix. But great story!

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