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Old Elitch Gardens Wooden Coaster

Share Your Story: My First Roller Coaster Ride

By JoanWesthoff

How Old Were You When You Rode Your First Coaster?

8 years old

Do You Still Enjoy Riding Roller Coasters Now?

Yes, very much. The scarier, the better!

Is the Coaster Still Operating? Did You Ride It Again?

No. It was in Colorado's original Elitch Gardens park.

Name of the First (Major) Roller Coaster You Rode

I can't remember the name, but it was an old wooden coaster in Colorado at the old Elitch Gardens. It was so much fun.

Describe Your Experience (Note 200 character minimum)

I was so scared, and it was so much fun my tummy was doing flip flops. I was very proud of myself for riding the roller coaster. There were some adults that did not even try, and here I was only eight, and I got on the roller coaster. I was tall for eight, and they let me on. Yes, it was scary, but it was so much fun. After the ride, my tummy, feet, and all my bones were doing strange things that were not normal, but I got over it. I never got sick like others did.

Lessons Learned

  • I was so glad that I rode the roller coaster. I would do it again.

Arthur Levine, About.com Theme Parks, says:

I think the old wooden coaster you rode may have been The Wildcat. It opened in 1936 and closed in 1999. Then again, it could have been Mr. Twister. In any event, thanks for sharing your story!
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