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Batman the Ride at Six Flags Great Adventure

Share Your Story: My First Roller Coaster Ride

By MAK912

How Old Were You When You Rode Your First Coaster?

I was 14 years old when I rode my first roller coaster.

Do You Still Enjoy Riding Roller Coasters Now?

Yes, I enjoy fast coasters and ones that go upside down and backward. However, I do not enjoy coasters that plummet down from extreme heights.

Is the Coaster Still Operating? Did You Ride It Again?

Yes it is still there, and I have been on it a few times since then.

What Is Your Favorite Roller Coaster?

The Incredible Hulk at Universal Studios' Islands of Adventure.

Name of the First (Major) Roller Coaster You Rode

The name of the first roller coaster I rode is Batman the Ride at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey.

Describe Your Experience (Note 200 character minimum)

I went on a class trip to Great Adventure in 9th grade and decided that it was time for my first ride, so I jumped right in with both feet. It was pretty nerve wracking standing on line listening to riders scream. While riding, I loved the speed, the loops and the fact that my feet dangled the whole time. After the ride, I decided that I was ready for most other coasters and have not stopped riding them since.

Lessons Learned

  • Start with a big coaster first to see if you can handle it. Don't be gradual.
  • If you want, wear flip flops and leave them to the side before you ride a hanging coaster so you can feel the wind in your feet.
  • Keep your head back.
  • Nerves actually make the ride more exciting.
  • The photos they take mid-ride may be worth purchasing.

Arthur Levine, About.com Theme Parks, says:

Love your story alienapex. But your advice to "Start with a big coaster first to see if you can handle it." may not be ideal. I'm a big advocate of coaster scaredey-cats working their way up the coaster thrill chain. One bad experience on a too-thrilling coaster could turn off a potential fan for life.

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