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Reader Stories: I Went to Disney World! (And Here is My Photo and Story.)


One of the most photographed places on the planet is Walt Disney World. And since you're at About.com's Theme Parks site, chances are you've got a bunch of Disney World photos. Well, we want to see them! So please join in our Walt Disney World Show and Tell by sending along one unique and interesting photo to feature in our showcase.

Maybe it's a rarely photographed spot at the vast Disney World resort. Or maybe it's a highly creative or particularly beautiful shot. Whatever the case, please share it with us--and tell us about it.

Halloween at the Magic Kingdom

I was absolutely in awe with the disney light show and was determined to get some good pictures, because my professional camera broke while I was in Disney, so I had to use my point and shoot camera.…More

The Neptune Fountain at Italy Pavilion in EPCOT

This is a detail of the Italy Pavilion's Neptune Fountain, inspired by the Trevi Fountain in Rome. Having been a Disney Passholder for 18 years, I have taken literally hundreds of photos and videos a…More

The Flood Family Gets Goofy

This picture has the whole family, dad Chris, mom Karen, 7-year-old son Christopher (8 now) and 3-year-old son James. We are standing with a family favorite, Goofy. (We also celebrated James' 3rd bir…More

Lightning Captured over the Magic Kingdom

This one could have been tweaked in PS but I've opted to leave it untouched. I had a very short period of time to dial in my camera, but this one was still overexposed (unfortunate timing). Lightning…More

Italian Gelato Cart at Epcot's World Showcase

April 2008. This photo was taken during a trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, which included stops at Epcot, the Magic Kingdom, and Disney's Animal Kingdom. It was the first time I ever vi…More

The Sorcerer's Apprentice at the Studios

This shot was taken in 2004. Not sure of the time of year (since it's nearly always sunny and warm in Florida!).Hey, About.com, why is there a 200-character minimum for this field. That's kinda crazy…More

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