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My Pick for the Best Water Park in Iowa

Reader Reviews: Favorite Water Parks

User Rating 5 Star Rating

By Prophet Livingood

Water Park

Name of Water Park: 

The Lost Island

Date of visit: 

09-02-2011 to 09-05-2011

City and State Where Water Park is Located: 

Iowa City, Iowa

My Review 

They lack the FLOW RIDER for people to RIDE A SUF BOARD, however, their lazy river is about the same size as the one in Lake Pointe, Iowa which is the best feature in my opinion. The price of $23.00 for adults is reasonable compared to larger parks in CA or FL, plus if you LIVE in IOWA you won't have to spend much more $$ to travel or to eat! I recommend The Lost Island to friends and family. I sure wish they would buy a LARGE TENT and keep the park open DURING THE WINTER. Next they need some PROPANE HEATERS to keep everybody (and the water) warm during the winter!

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