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Loves World's First Water Park, Wet 'n' Wild

Reader Reviews: Favorite Water Parks

User Rating 5 Star Rating

By IHavBieberFever

Loves World's First Water Park, Wet 'n' Wild

For little sister!

Loves World's First Water Park, Wet 'n' Wild


Water Park

Name of Water Park: 

Wet 'n' Wild

Date of visit: 


City and State Where Water Park is Located: 

Orlando, Florida

My Review 

I loved the park, it was AMAZING!!! But, you should add more rides, especially family rides!!! Or more like Mach 5, for kids around my age, which is 12!!! YOU SHOULD! PLEASE???

I would recommend the park because it is a lot of fun, and the rides there are for all ages. But you have to have the guts to ride some of the rides!

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