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Not a Fan of SeaWorld San Antonio

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By Loren

Not a Fan of SeaWorld San Antonio
Not a Fan of SeaWorld San Antonio

Theme Parks and Amusement Parks

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Seaworld San Antonio

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San Antonio, Texas

My Review 

Before I start, EVERYONE has to see the documentary "The Cove". It is about the massive slaughter of dolphins.

I took my son hoping to have a good and final day while visiting from Washington state. We were expecting to top off the day by getting wet at the water park which was supposed to be included in the Sea World admission.

First of all, the parking was a rip-off $15 which set me off.

It cost $130 for two tickets to enter the park.

After entering, we obtained a schedule only to find that all the shows were on a very limited schedule, so we missed some that weren't going to be seen that day. Oh, and the water park was closed too!!! We didn't realize that till later when we had gone on the rollercoasters a few times and we were running out of things to do.

We were there a couple of hours and were ready to leave because of lack of activities.

Before heading out the gate, we stopped at Customer Service to see about getting a partial refund because part of the rip-off ticket price was supposed to include the water park. They absolutely refused to budge after gouging us for $145.


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Arthur Levine, About.com Theme Parks, says:

By advocating for "The Cove," hubcaps4u would seem to have an axe to grind before he entered SeaWorld. I'm not sure how guests would "run out of activities" at a park that's loaded with exhibits about marine life. Perhaps hubcaps4u and his son were more interested in coasters and rides, in which case Six Flags may have been a better choice.

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