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Reader Reviews : Favorite Theme Parks

User Rating 4.5 Star Rating (15 Reviews)


Theme parks are great places to join together with friends and family for good times, thrills, and fun--or at least they are supposed to be. To help you find great theme parks throughout the US and plan your next visit, check out these user reviews. And consider writing your own review of your favorite theme park.

Alabama Adventure is great family fun

This place is great for all ages want somewhere daring to go with your friends,want a place children friendly and they won't feel left out,this is the place, it's got places for all ages anyone every…More

Six Flags Known to Make Grown Men Cry Like Babies

Great selection of roller coasters and rides. Good water rides and kiddie areas (2). Fun theme park. The best roller coaster there is Raging Bull. It has caused grown men to scream like a baby. Great…More

Midway Park Should Meet Customers Halfway

I've lived round here all my life so I know all bout Midway Park and its rides! But last summer, I took my two small children ages 1 and 3 so they could ride some of the small kiddie rides that were …More

Knott's is Excellent

I find Knotts being an excellent place to go on your free time because there is so much that you can do with kids and parents of every age. If I could go every day I would. I highly recommend bringin…More

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom a Thrill Haven

Packed with thrills. I love Medusa, but unfortunately did not get to go on Vertical Velocity. The only ride I didn't enjoy was the shakiness of Kong, although the smoothness of the other rides made u…More

Lollipop Park is Sweet

We love going to Lollipop Park because adults are free and the childrens prices are pretty reasonable. The staff members were very helpful and friendly toward everyone even during the loud and busy S…More

Not a Fan of SeaWorld San Antonio

Before I start, EVERYONE has to see the documentary "The Cove". It is about the massive slaughter of dolphins. I took my son hoping to have a good and final day while visiting from Washington state. …More

Hades Incredible at Mt. Olympus

It was great. I loved it. I had so much fun, the rides were great. The best i would have to say is OPA the twister coaster. The rides were such a big adrenaline rush. Cyclops whips you around too muc…More

The Entire Family Will Enjoy Darien Lake

Darien Lake has six roller coasters and lots of rides. It also has mini-golf. it is a theme park that the whole family would enjoy.…More

He Loves Busch Gardens

Pros: Everything. Cons: None Best park in the world. Even better than all the Disney parks.Totally worth the money.Lots to do and lots of fun. WARNING!!! You will not want to leave. Must DO's: Rhino …More

Universal Orlando is Amazing

OMG. Universal Orlando is amazing. It has awesome rides, and it brings your favorite movies to life as rides such as Jurassic Park, Cat in the Hat, and Spiderman. When you next take a vist to Florida…More

Six Flags Magic Mountain Needs More Themes

I go to Magic Mountain at least once a month and never had an issue with their rides' theming. But because Six Flags lost themes for rides such as Terminator Salvation, they needed to re-theme rides.…More

Disneyland is His Favorite Theme Park

Disneyland is definitely the best theme park. It has excellent attractions, great food, amazing shows, and phenomenal service. My favorite attractions at Disneyland are Space Mountain and Indiana Jon…More

Meet Me in Six Flags St. Louis

This is one of the best parks. It offers great service, and I loved how friendly people were. I loved the rides and all the festivals. Thank you for an wonderful experience. I would love to come back…More

Lake Compounce- Great Rides, Relaxed Pace

Wonderful park with relatively relaxed pace, but some killer rides. Boulder Dash is just wonderful. May not have as many coasters or variety of rides as larger parks, but you don't get the crowds eit…More

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