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Theme Parks Photo and Video Galleries

Pictures and Videos of Theme Parks, Amusement Parks, Water Parks, and Coasters


If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video has to be worth, what, maybe 20,000 words? My math may be getting kind of fuzzy, but with thousands of photos and dozens of videos taken at parks around the world, there has to be, um, zillions of words worth of armchair traveling contained in the following galleries.

About.com Original Videos

The wonderful world of theme parks come alive in these original videos produced by About.com.

Disney Parks Photo and Video Galleries

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They are the world's most popular and famous theme parks. And they are incredibly photogenic. See why.

Photos and Videos of California Theme Parks and Amusement Parks

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Poke around Disneyland and the state's other theme parks in these videos and images.

Universal Theme Parks Photo and Video Galleries

From its Hollywood roots, Universal has built a theme park empire. It ought to be in pictures--and it is.

Six Flags Theme Parks Photo and Video Galleries

Known primarily for its thrill rides, Six Flags has some wild coasters and other attractions. Take virtual rides by visiting the galleries.

Roller Coasters Photo and Video Galleries

Ogle thrill machines and take virtual rides without breaking into a cold sweat.

Water Parks Photo and Video Galleries

See water park fun in action. Take virtual tours of water parks.

Other Theme Parks Photo and Video Galleries

Take photo tours and see videos from theme parks and amusement parks.
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