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Busch Gardens Goes for the Jungala

Preview of Jungala, the new area coming to Busch Gardens Africa in Tampa, FL


Busch Gardens Goes for the Jungala

Jungala at Busch Gardens Tampa will allow guests to get up close to orangutans.

Busch Gardens 2007. Used with permission.
Updated September 07, 2007
Busch Gardens Africa (which is kind of a silly name, since it's located in Tampa, Florida) has always been as much about gawking at animals as soaring on roller coasters and rides. OK, it's known for its lovely gardens and beer as well. Three, and possibly all four, of its attributes will be featured in Jungala, a new themed village debuting in spring 2008. The lushly landscaped rainforest area will allow guests to get up close to tigers, orangutans, and other animals while also providing two exciting rides and a large play structure. And a couple of new restaurants will likely offer Budweiser and other Anheuser-Busch brews.

Jungala Features

  • Prime viewing areas of Bengal tigers, orangutans, gibbons, and tomistomas (a type of crocodile)
  • Rainforest theme will include lots of jungle flora
  • Rides will include a zip-line experience and a mini-freefall tower.
  • 3-story climbing structure
  • Children's water play area
  • Two restaurants
More Jungala Info

It's a jungle in there

Jungala will be located in the Congo area of Busch Gardens Africa. It replaces the Python coaster, which the park closed in 2006. The centerpiece of the new land will be a 35-foot tall rock formation that will bisect the area into two levels. It will allow guests to observe orangutans from observation platforms designed to look like tree houses and Bengal tigers swimming in plunge pools from underwater windows in underground caves. Busch Gardens says that colorful stiltwalkers, dressed as jungle animals and trees, will parade through the mythical village.

The Jungle Flyers zip-line attraction will be geared to younger children and will send them soaring above the treetops in one-person ride vehicles. It looks as if it will be great fun, but also looks as if it may generate huge lines and long waits. The Wild Surge mini-freefall ride also appears to be geared to younger kids. Located in a "mountain crater," it will bounce 14 passengers at a time up and down a 40-foot structure above a waterfall. The Tree Top Trails play structure will allow kids to burn off some energy by navigating around its rope bridges, climbing nets, crawl tubes, and other features.

Dining options in Jungala will include The Bengal Bistro, which I believe will be a sit-down restaurant, and Orang Cafe, which will be a more casual eatery with salads and sandwiches.

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