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SunSplash Water Park

Photo Gallery of Mesa, Arizona Waterpark


On extra-toasty days in the Mesa area (which can occur frequently in the summer), see where folks go to find some relief from the heat--and ride an uphill water coaster.
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The Thunder Bay Wave Pool at SunSplash water park in Mesa, Arizona.Down by the BayThe waves cycle on and off in the Thunder Bay Wave Pool.Waiting for the WavesThe Cauldron bowl ride at SunSplash Water Park sends riders swirling around inside a huge bowl.Bowled UnderThe Sidewinder half-pipe slide sends riders soaring back and forth.Stick THAT in Your (Half) Pipe
The park's Endless River is an 800-foot lazy river.Endless LazinessThe Master Blaster uphill water coaster uses powerful jets of water to propel rafts uphill.Blast Me!After jets of water propel the rafts uphill, the Master Blaster water coaster sends riders soaring.What Goes Up...There are lots of body slides and tube slides at SunSplash Waterpark.Plenty of Slides
The park's Splash Water Harbor tube slides offer single and double tubes.Getting Ready to Splash DownThe Shipwreck Rock Slides are for younger kids.ShipwreckedKids try the lilly pad walk at SunSplash Water Park.Well PaddedThe park's Caribbean Water Works includes all kinds of ways to get wet.Fountain of Youth

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