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Splashin' Safari Water Park at Holiday World

Indiana Water Park


As you'll see in the following photos, Splashin' Safari is among the biggest and best water parks in the country.
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  1. Funnel of LoveThe colorful Zinga funnel ride at Splashin' Safari.
  2. Ready, Set...Sliders compete on the Jungle Racer mat slide at Splashin' Safari water park.
  3. Into the HopperRiders in four-person tubes travel down Bakuli's enclosed tube and empty into its bowl.
  4. Flushed with ExcitementAfter swirling around the bowl a few times, Bakuli's passengers get flushed out.
  5. Zoom Up the StairsZOOMbabwe is one of the world's tallest water slides.
  6. Zoomed OutZOOMbabwe ends with either a moderate or major final splash.
  7. Hey Mom! What's this Wheel Do?The Monsoon Lagoon interactive water play structure includes all kinds of ways to get wet.
  8. Oh! THAT'S What it Does.The little girl didn't actually trigger the dump bucket atop Monsoon Lagoon.
  9. Plenty of H2OooohhSplashin' Safari offers a second interactive water play structure, Kima Bay.
  10. More ZOOMingTwo of Splashin' Safari's tube slides are Bamboo Chute and AmaZOOM.
  11. In a While, CrocodileSmaller kids can find pint-sized slides at Splashin' Safari's Crocodile Isle.
  12. The Family that Rafts TogetherThis is Watubee, the family raft ride in an open tube.
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