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Schlitterbahn Kansas City

Water Park Resort in Kansas City, Kansas


A destination resort, Schlitterbahn Kansas City features a huge 40-acre water park. The first phase of the project, the outdoor water park, will open in summer 2009. Future phases will include a hotel resort, indoor water park attractions, a shopping and dining complex, and other entertainment options.
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The Black Knight tube slide at Schlitterbahn Vacation Village is an enclosed, lights-out ride.Knight and DayOne of the featured attractions at Schlitterbahn Kansas City is Boogie Bahn.Boogie MasterIn addition to a lazy river, Schlitterbahn Kansas City offers a river rapids ride.Rapids TransitThe Blitz Falls tube chute ride is a fast-flow river ride at Schlitterbahn Vacation Village.Have a Blast on Blitz
On the Comal Express, riders navigate its twists and turns on a mat.Grab a MatAnother enclosed tube ride at Schlitterbahn Kansas City is Der Bahn.Are You Afraid of the Dark?The Torrent Beach wave pool at Schlitterbahn Vacation Village is the centerpiece of the water park.Grab a TubeThe Wolfpack tube ride at Schlitterbahn Vacation Village water park.Join the Pack
Visitors gan grab a drink without leaving the water at Henry's Hideout Hot Tub Bar.Hide and SwimYounger kids have their own slides and attractions in KinderhavenDon't Forget the KindersKristal River at Schlitterbahn Vacation Village is the water park's lazy river.Kristal ClearIn future phases, Schlitterbahn Vacation Village will open the Riverwalk shopping complex.Down by the River
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