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Photos of Aquatica Water Park at SeaWorld Orlando

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Aquatica at SeaWorld Orlando is an enormous, nicely landscaped, and highly themed water park that offers one-of-a-kind rides and opportunities to interact with animals. See the dual wave pools, wild action river, Commerson's dolphins, and other park features in the Aquatica photo gallery.
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  1. The Gate-icaThe park entrance for Aquatica. The slide tower in the upper right is the parks' signature ride.
  2. Lots of Riders Take the PlungeAquatica's signature ride, Dolphin Plunge, features side-by-side body slides.
  3. THERE'S the DolphinMarvel at the dolphins in an underwater viewing area.
  4. Falling for the DolphinsLoggerhead Lane is Aquatica's lazy river
  5. Tropical Fish -- in a River?The lazy river passes through a grotto with an aquarium of brightly colored African fish.
  6. Crazy, then LazyPassengers aboard the two Tasssie Twister bowl rides exit into the lazy river.
  7. Flocking to AquaticaMacaw parrots are on display at Aquatica.
  8. That's a Lot of WavesAquatica offers twin, side-by-side wave pools that each deliver different wave experiences.
  9. Yep, it's AquaticaA sand sculpture at Aquatica.
  10. Tubing ItA pair of tube slides at Whanau Way offers two different ride experiences.
  11. A LOT of Ways to Get WetWalkabout Waters is an immense interactive play station.
  12. Big Squirt from a Lil' SquirtA tyke takes aim at Walkabout Waters.

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