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Best Water Theme Parks


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Splash Works Water Park at Canada's Wonderland
Splash Works Water Park at Canada's Wonderland
Cedar Fair. Used with permission.
Theme parks and water parks used to be separate entities. If you wanted to ride coasters and carousels, you went to the theme park; if you craved water slide fun and relief from the heat, you headed to the water park. The idea of combining the two concepts seemed crazy. (But not that crazy. After all, water frolickers have been riding coasters at traditional seaside and lakeside amusement parks for years.)

Today, you had better bring along your bathing suit, since most theme parks offer onsite water parks. The following are the best water parks that are included in admission at North American theme parks.

Splash Works Water Park at Canada's Wonderland
Location: Maple, Ontario, Canada, just outside Toronto

Summers may be relatively fleeting in the Great White North, but Canada's Wonderland offers some great wet, summer fun with a full complement of slides and water park attractions at Splash Works. Highlights include the Barracuda Blaster bowl ride, the Super Soaker family raft ride, and the enclosed Black Hole speed slide.

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