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The Wetter, the Better

New U.S. water park attractions for the 2005 season, page two


Typhoon Lagoon Disney World Crush photo

The triple uphill water coaster, Crush 'n' Gusher, at Walt Disney World's Typhoon Lagoon.

Arthur Levine, 2005. Licensed to About.com.


Wave pool
Splashin' Safari at Holiday World, Santa Claus, IN

Splashin' Safari already has a wave pool, but the Holiday World folks (God bless 'em) are opening a second one this season that's twice as big. Will Koch, president of the little park that could (which isn't so little any more with the flurry of new attractions over the past few years), says that Bahari is the first part of an expansion that will eventually double Splashin' Safari's size. See Bahari at the Water Parks 2005 Preview photo gallery.

Double Dueling Cannon Bowl Ride, Adventure River Ride, Wacky Courthouse

Bowl rides, lazy river, and interactive water play structure
Deep River Waterpark, Crown Point, IN

There are plenty of new attractions sliding into Indiana water parks this season. Nearly doubling in size, Deep River boasts three major new attractions in 2005 including the unique Double Dueling Cannon Bowl Ride. Two riders launch at the same time into two side-by-side funnel bowls. The first one to flush out the bottom wins. The park also welcomes its second lazy river, and, in what must be a water park first, an interactive water play structure themed to a...courthouse? Kind of gives new meaning to the term, "jury pool," huh?

The American Revolution

Bowl and boomerang rides
Splash Down Dunes, Chesterton, IN

I told you Indiana water parks have a bunch of new attractions this season. Sharing the same loading platform riders on the American Revolution can choose to scoot down the red and white Super Bowl or the blue and white Boomerango. The Super Bowl is a typical bowl ride (see Disco H2O above), while the Boomerango sends riders racing up an incline that then shoots them down and through a water curtain.

Anchor Bay

Lazy river
Splash Harbor at Lake Compounce, Bristol, CT

Connecticut's only water park gets a new lazy river this season. Riders can enter the river the conventional way, via a set of stairs, or, if they are really lazy, by plopping on a tube and sliding right on in.

Dragon's Den

Themed bowl ride
Water Country, Portsmouth, NH

In the bad news/good news department, Wet 'n Wild Las Vegas is NOT opening for the 2005 season (it lost its lease to a developer that plans to build a casino-hotel on the site), but Dragon's Den, the bowl ride that debuted last season at the Sin City park, is relocating to New Hampshire's Water Country. To learn more about the ride, see my review of the virtually identical Dragon's Den at Long Island's (New York) Splish Splash

Funnel of Fear

Funnel ride
WildWater Adventure at Michigan's Adventure, Muskegon, MI

Funnel water park rides are a ball to ride and visually striking. To learn more about funnel rides, read my review and photos of High Anxiety at New Jersey's Mountain Creek.

Pacific Spin

Funnel ride
Soak City U.S.A., San Diego, CA

Another funnel ride--it has become a very popular water park attraction--will be taking Southern California fun-seekers for a spin.

Da' FlowRider

Surfing ride
Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park, Oahu, HI

There are plenty of places to surf real waves around Hawaii of course, but folks looking for something a little tamer and a little more predictable may want to try the simulated waves of Hawaiian Waters Da' FlowRider. Navigating a steady stream of water, riders can hang ten without actually moving forward. To see a FlowRider in action, watch this video from Wisconsin's Kalahari indoor water park.

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