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New Fantasyland Forest at Disney World's Magic Kingdom


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The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
New Fantasyland Forest at Disney World's Magic Kingdom
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The highlight of the Fantasyland expansion and the centerpiece of Fantasyland Forest will be the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. There's no word whether the menacing witch and her poison apple will reappear in the new Snow White ride, but it seems that the emphasis will be less on scary adventures and more on the heigh-hoing dwarfs and their work in the diamond mine. The ride will begin at the dwarfs' cottage. (There sure are a lot of cottages and castles in these woods.) From there, guests will board mine cars for a site visit.

For Disney World's seventh coaster, the prototype ride system will send the train's cars swinging to and fro as they navigate the track. Because they will freely pivot perpendicular to the track, the unique cars, rather than the passengers, will bear the brunt of the lateral g-forces. (There likely wouldn't be high g-forces regardless of the cars. Because this is Fantasyland, I'm guessing the coaster will be less a thrill ride like Big Thunder Mountain -- not that the Frontierland coaster is that thrilling -- and more a relatively gentle ride.) That will leave guests swinging in time to the music and focusing on the cute dwarfs, the mine sets, and Snow White.

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