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Disney World Tickets


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Magic Your Way Tickets Introduction

There are many options for Disney World tickets.

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Effective February 2014, Disney World raised its "Magic Your Way" ticket costs -- in some cases considerably. The cost for one-day, one-park Disney World tickets rose from $90 to $94. But admission to the Magic Kingdom, which is considered a premium ticket, will now cost $99. Ouch!

With all of the increases and changes, it's critical to understand how the program works so that you can make an informed decision and maximize your savings. Over the next few pages, I'll give you the info you need to make a sound purchase.

Before we jump into ticket pricing and buying strategies, here are some resources about Disney World's ride reservation and trip-planning program, MyMagic+. You will need to link your tickets to your MyMagic+ account (which is explained in the pages linked below). Note that you do not have to purchase your tickets directly from Disney to participate in MyMagic+.

Yes, one-day ticket prices have risen, and multi-day passes have gone up as well. However, multi-day tickets, particularly the 4- through 10-day passes, still offer substantial savings. An 8-day Disney World ticket with Park Hopper and Water Park Fun & More, for example, which includes unlimited admission among the 4 theme parks for 8 days plus 8 visits to any combination of the resort's two water parks, a round of golf, DisneyQuest, a round of miniature golf, or Disney's Wide World of Sports Complex, costs $420. (All examples included here, unless noted, are based on tickets for ages 10 and older. Tickets for ages 3 to 9 cost less; children under 3 are admitted free.) That's $52.50 per day, which is fairly reasonable considering all of the options. A comparable 10-day pass costs $440, just $20 more than the 8-day option. That brings the per-day cost down to $44, which is a pretty good deal.

Of course, the Disney folks are no fools. Guests staying longer on its property will spend more money for hotels, food, and merchandise, AND they won't be escaping to Islands of Adventure to visit the The Wizarding World of Harry Potter or other nearby parks.

BEWARE, however. Unlike Disney's unused tickets from years ago, which were good indefinitely, Magic Your Way tickets expire 14 days after first use. You can discover how to convert your tickets into no-expiration passes and other buying tips on the pages that follow.

Note also that unlike past Magic Your Way pricing, Disney is NOT offering any discounts for purchasing tickets online in advance. Effective August 2007, the prices online are the same as the prices at the ticket booths. (And, if you choose to pay for express shipping -- a free will call and standard mail option is available -- the price will actually be higher.) You will, however, be able to save time by purchasing tickets in advance. And you'll be able to carefully consider the options rather than making a rushed purchase.

You could order Disney World tickets online directly from Walt Disney World. Note that Disney does not offer an E-ticket (i.e., print-at-home) option. Tickets purchased in advance can either be picked up at the parks (by choosing "Will Call Pickup" when you checkout) or by having Disney mail the tickets to you. Neither option costs extra. For an additional fee, Disney has an express delivery option. To purchase 3-day or more Magic Your Way tickets, buy direct from the Best of Orlando, a vendor that offers Disney World passes at a slight discount. It also features Disney's current special ticket offers (if any). To purchase one- or two-day passes, you could buy them at the park or online from Disney.

One way you might be able to get discounted Disney World tickets is to purchase a hotel and park tickets package. See all of the latest Disney World specials and deals on my regularly updated Florida Theme Park Deals page.

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