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Martin's Fantasy Island Water Park


Martin's Fantasy Island Water Park Phone:



Grand Island, New York (near Niagara Falls and Buffalo)

Martin's Fantasy Island Water Park Admission Policy:

Admission included with ticket to theme park. Reduced prices for children, seniors, and guests arriving after 5 p.m. Parking is free. Season passes are available.


The actual address is 2400 Grand Island Blvd. in Grand Island.

I-190 to Exit N-19, Whitehaven Rd., to park.

Martin's Fantasy Island Water Park Features:

Wave pool, bowl ride, lazy river, tube slides, and a children's play area.

Official Web Site:

Martin's Fantasy Island Water Park Overview:

The water park, which is part of Martin's Fantasy Island theme park and included in the price, is relatively small and lacks the marquee attractions of larger parks with the exception of a bowl ride. It sends riders swirling around a bowl before they get flushed out the center into a splash pool. For small children, the park offers a wading pool and a few small slides.
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