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The Simpsons Land at Universal Studios Florida


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Hey Kids! Get a Clogger Burger or a Heat Lamp Dog!
Springfield Fast Food Boulevard at Universal Studios Florida.
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While it appears from the outside that the park offers a standalone Krusty Burger restaurant, there is actually a food court with a number of Simpsons-themed food stands on the other side of the doors. There are all kinds of scrumdiddlyumptious things to purchase at Springfield Fast Food Boulevard, which includes Cletus' Chicken Shack, Lisa's Treehouse of Horror (which actually offers healthy alternatives to all of the fried stuff at the other stands), The Frying Dutchman, and Luigi's Pizza.

The stands and the food items are somewhat similar to what used to be available in the nondescript international food court that originally occupied the building. But Universal has cleverly repackaged and themed the restaurants. Sales will undoubtedly explode.

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