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Halloween Horror Nights 2009

Halloween Event at Universal Studios Florida and Universal Studios Hollywood


Both of the Universal Studios parks in Orlando and Hollywood are focusing on horror films for the 2009 Halloween Horror Nights events. See some of the characters and scenes form the haunted houses, which feature the films Saw, Chucky, Dracula, and Wolfman, among others.
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The film, Saw, will be featured at both Halloween Horror Nights in Florida and Hollywood.Did You See What I Saw?The haunted houses at both Halloween Horror Nights in Florida and Hollywood will invite guests into Welcome to Jigsaw's LairSaw is one of the most popular horror franchises.More SawingAnother scene from the Saw maze at Halloween Horror Nights.How About a Little Fire?
The evil Chucky will be featured at both Halloween Horror Nights in Florida and Hollywood.The Anti-Toy StoryThe theme for Halloween Horror Nights 2009 at Universal Studios Florida is Ripped from the Silver ScScreams at the ScreenDon't Mess with HimOne of the scare zones at Universal Studios Hollywood will be the Containment ZoneIn the Zone
You never know who you might run into at Halloween Horror Nights.You Filthy Pig!Halloween Horror Nights 2009 will be Dracula: Legacy of Blood.You May Want to Bring GarlicThe Wolfman, which will be remade into a new film, will be getting his own haunted house.Awooo!Add the horror to Halloween Horror Nights.Buckets of Blood
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