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Harry Potter Theme Park Preview

Sneak Peek of the Harry Potter Land coming to Universal Orlando's Theme Park


Fans of one of the most beloved series of books and films will be able to visit J.K. Rowling's fanciful lands and characters when The Wizarding World of Harry Potter comes to Universal Orlando's Islands of Adventure theme park in spring 2010. Discover what the land will look like in this photo gallery.
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  1. Now Entering HogsmeadeThe entrance to Hogsmeade village.
  2. Harry Leads the WayIt will depict quidditch, the sport which is played on broomsticks and favored by wizards.
  3. If these Walls Could Talk- Actually they Can!Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey's Portrait Gallery
  4. Dumble DomainHarry and his chums, however, have other plans for the muggle guests.
  5. Merv-elous GriffinAmong the artifacts guests will see as they wait in line is a statue of the Griffin.
  6. Required RidingHarry Potter and the Forbidden Journey boards in the Room of Requirement.
  7. A Transporting ExperienceHogwarts Express Train at Harry Potter Theme Park
  8. In-Spired CastleHogwarts Castle takes shape in January, 2010.
  9. Hogwarts HeavenLooming high above the new Harry Potter land will be the iconic Hogwarts castle
  10. Snow in Florida?Guests will be able to visit the village of Hogsmeade
  11. Hogwarts and AllAnother view of the iconic Hogwarts castle at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
  12. Quidditch Anyone?Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey will take guests on a simulated flight aboard a Quidditch.
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