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About.com Readers Choice Awards for the Best New Roller Coaster of 2010


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Formula Rossa - Finalist for the 2010 Best New Roller Coaster
About.com Readers Choice Awards for the Best New Roller Coaster of 2010
Ferrari World. Used with permission.
Location: Ferrari World on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, part of the United Arab Emirates.

Designed to travel at speeds up to 240 km/h (149 mph), Formula Rossa is currently the world's fastest roller coaster. It climbs 52m (171 feet), and riders experience 1.7 Gs. Formula Rossa starts inside the indoor theme park, accelerates through the dome, travels outside the park, and returns to the loading station inside the building. The train's cars have been made to look like flashy red Formula One Ferraris. Because of the speed and desert sand, riders are issued goggles.

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