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Preview of Curse of DarKastle at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

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DarKastle Busch Gardens ride picture

Shady characters lurk in Busch Gardens Williamsburg's DarKastle.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg 2004.

Preview of Curse of DarKastle at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Brief video preview, presented as a TV news feature (but apparently produced by Busch Gardens, not an independent news station), introduces the Curse of DarKastle ride coming to to Busch Gardens Williamsburg for the 2005 season. Includes some glimpses of the computer-generated scenes that will be part of the ride.
The video is well-produced, but it doesn't offer a lot of info about the actual ride. (Maybe Busch Gardens wants to keep us in suspense until Curse of DarKastle debuts.) The footage does provide enough of a tease to intrigue dark ride fans.
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