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Story Land

Theme Park in the White Mountains of Glen, New Hampshire


Kids 12 and older probably wouldn't be interested in Story Land, but younger children would revel in its beguiling charm. And adults would adore the almost palpable nostalgia. See some of the rides and attractions of the White Mountains park in this photo gallery.
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The Crooked House serves as the entrance to Story Land.Head Straight for the Crooked HouseBilly Goats Gruff, with real goats, at Story Land in New Hampshire.Nice Goatee A giant cuckoo clock sets the stage for The Cuckoo Clockenspiel ride at Story Land.Time for a RideThe Dutch Shoes ride at New Hampshire's Story Land.Going Dutch
Dr. Geyser's Remarkable Raft Ride is a tame take on a traditional park raft ride.Wet, but Not Too WetStory Land's Bamboo Chutes is a relatively gentle log flume ride.Oh Chute!The Oceans of Fun Sprayground gives guests a chance to cool dIn an Octopus's Garden
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