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Themed to the landmark PBS children's show, Sesame Place is designed for a pre-teen audience with a special emphasis on the program's preschool audience. Granted, the park offers a coaster, spinning rides, and other attractions typically found at parks. But the relatively small Sesame Place foregoes the hyper-adrenalized atmosphere of a Six Flags in favor of a more low-key vibe. Reflecting the whimsy of the show and its Muppet stars, it features unique opportunities to visit mock-ups of the famous street and interact with the iconic, cuddly characters.
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The Sesame Street characters meet and greet guests at Sesame Place.Tickle ME, ElmoThe park offers spinning rides themed to the Sesame Street show.Bugging OutThe park presents an ongoing schedule of special events such as fireworks and concerts.Having a Blast at Sesame PlaceA rendering of the Sunny Day Carousel.Muppet-Go-Round
Remember to bring your bathing suits. Sesame Place includes many water park rides.Sesame River
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