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SeaWorld Orlando Adventure Park

Photo Gallery of the Orlando, Florida Marine Life Theme Park


When SeaWorld first opened, it was little more that a souped-up marine life park with exhibits that could be found at many municipal aquariums. Since the Busch folks took over however, the "Adventure Park" now features great rides along with the Shamu shenanigans. See the fishy stuff as well as some of the coasters and rides in this photo tour of SeaWorld Orlando.
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The entrance plaza at SeaWorld Orlando sports a New England fishing village theme.Where SeaWorld Meets the Real World Sea World Orlando's Penguin Encounter exhibit offers views of the Arctic creatures.Baby, It's Cold InsideThe Shamu stadium show, "Believe," is Sea World's signature presentation.Shamu, Meet CharlieAt Sea World Orlando's Stingray Lagoon, guests can view, pet, and feed the animals.This Won't Sting a Bit
You'll never know what you'll see at SeaWorld Orlando--like this iridescent sea horse.A Horse of a Different ColorThis SeaWorld Orlando dolphin can create perfect bubble rings.Dolph Ring-dgrenHuge manatees are among the exhibits at Sea World Orlando.Whoa Man!Located near the front entrance of SeaWorld Orlando, Manta is a sight to behold.This Manta Likes Water
For all of its thrills, Manta also incorporates SeaWorld's marine life theme.Manta Has More than Just ThrillsThe themed water ride/roller coaster/dark ride, Journey to Atlantis, includes a big drop.It's All Downhill From HereThe water ride portion of Journey to Atlantis includes a huge splashdown.Lost City Makes a SplashSea World Orlando's wild floorless coaster, Kraken, is an incredible thrill machine.Kraking Up

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