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Pilgrim's Plunge Preview

World's Tallest Water Ride Coming to Holiday World in Indiana in 2009


See preview renderings of the world's tallest water ride coming to Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana in 2009.
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  1. Taking the PlungePilgrim's Plunge sends its 10-passenger boat down a record-breaking 131 foot drop.
  2. How'd the Boat Get to the Top?When the boats hit the bottom, they'll create a plume of water 90' wide and 45' tall.
  3. THAT'S How They Reach the TopPilgrim's Plunge will use a unique elevator lift mechanism to bring the boats to the tower's top.
  4. Quite the PlungeThe view from the top of Pilgrim's Plunge, just before the 131-foot drop.

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