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Kings Island Theme Park

Photo Gallery of Ohio's Kings Island


Located near Cincinnati, Kings Island is a world-class ride park that features the record-breaking The Beast wooden coaster. Its incredible collection of coasters and thrill rides makes it one of the most popular seasonal theme parks.
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The "Eiffel Tower" stands near the main entrance to Kings Island. What Country Is This?The Diamondback coaster looms behind a colorful sundial at Kings Island.It's Time for DiamondbackThe Diamondback hypercoaster at Kings Island uncoils 230 feet into the air. It'ssssssss a Long Way UpDiamondback's first drop is a face-melting 215 feet at an almost-vertical 74 degrees.It'ssssssss a Long Way Down
Diamondback delivers some wild moments of delirious airtime.Snakes Alive!Fins on the back of Diamondback's trains shoot enormous plumes of water into the air.Splashtacular EndingThe Beast climbs the first of its two lift hillThe Beast Heads Into the WoodsThe rotating pendulum ride, Delirium, makes quite a statement on Kings Island's midway.Kings Island Swinger
Kings Island includes many rides for younger guestsHey! You Hear Something?The Racer is a twin-track, racing wooden coaster at Kings Island.Remain Seated--On Both TrainsRacer's elegant out-and-back wood structure lines one end of Kings Island. A Racy PhotoThe freefall ride, Drop Tower, climbs a staggering 315 feet.Dropping into Kings Island

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