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Geared to younger children, Legoland California takes the ubiquitous toy building blocks and transforms them into enchanting attractions and exhibits. Among the park's many unique features is Knight's Tournament, North America's first "Robocoaster." It uses robotic arms and allows guests to choose a ride experience that ranges from mild to surprisingly potent. See Knight's Tournament riders get tossed around like rag dolls and other Legoland California sites in my virtual tour of the charming park.
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The entrance to Legoland California.This Must Be the PlaceThe arch on this bridge makes it difficult for most adults to see what lies beyond.Kids-Eye ViewBeyond the bridge is a life-size elephant, fabricated out of Lego blocks.So THAT'S ItAnimals are located along the route of the Safari Trek car ride.Neck and Neck
A gnome guards the bridge as guests ride the Raptor Splash boat ride.Troll TollKids take aim at Legoland's Water Works.See Ya Later...Whimsical, interactive attractions abound throughout Legoland.All Together NowCity Blocks in Playtown
This tyke boards a Duplo truck.Taking the WheelSliding down a play structure at Playtown.Here I GoPassengers provide the power for the Sky Cruiser monorail.Pedal PowerPassengers also provide the muscle for the Kid Power Towers.Another Rider-Powered Ride
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