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Kings Dominion

Virginia Theme Park


Sure, the Planet Snoopy area is adorable, and the park offers plenty of fun for guests of all ages and levels of bravado; but Kings Dominion is primarily about the thrills. Screams emanate from every corner of the park as riders challenge a wild arsenal of coasters, including one of the world's tallest and fastest thrill machines. See the coasters and other scenes from Kings Dominion.
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The lift hill of Intimidator 305, the "Giga-Coaster" at Kings Dominion, seems impossibly tall.The Intimidation StartsThe bold red track of Intimidator 305 punctures the sky at Kings Dominion.305 Feet of IntimidationThe second hill on Intimidator 305 is taller than the lift hill of the neighboring Anaconda coaster.Where is the Airtime?A couple of mid-course bunny hills finally deliver some airtime pops on Intimidator 305.Here's Some Airtime
Intimidator 305 Coaster.Whipped to the left. Whomped to the right.Intimidator 305 at Kings Dominion is themed to the NASCAR legend, Dale "the Intimidator" Earnhardt.The Real Intimidator

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