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Hard Rock Park

Theme Park in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


Special note: Hard Rock Park opened in 2008 and declared bankruptcy the same year. New owners renamed the park Freestyle Music Park in 2009 with a new all-encompassing music theme. That closed after one season as well. The property subsequently sat idle for many years until the rides were sold off piecemeal starting in 2014.

The following info and photo gallery is from Hard Rock Park's 2008 inaugural season.

The first theme park to feature rock & roll, the 55-acre, $400-million Hard Rock Park offered rock-influenced attractions, along with lots of memorabilia, shows, live music, restaurants, shops, and an amphitheater that presents concerts. See the signature Led Zeppelin- The Ride coaster, the Eagles Life in the Fast Lane coaster, Alice's Restaurant, and many other scenes from the whimsical park.

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The front gate at the Hard Rock Park.For Those About to RockKids and other guests can explore a sharp-dressed car in the park's entry plaza.Hey! That's not ZZ Top!There's live music throughout the park, including at the cleverly named Whammy Bar.A Guitar and a Whammy BarWhimsical touches, such as this, abound throughout the Hard Rock Park.Time to Jam Out
Some of rock's founders, Little Richard, Elvis Presley, and James Brown.Good GollyThe Rock & Roll Heaven area of the Hard Rock Park is dedicated to Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, and othOpen the Pearl Jammy GatesLed Zeppelin-The Ride is the park's signature roller coaster.It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll)The Led Zeppelin coaster returns to the Zeppelin-themed loading station.Let Me Be Your Back Door Coaster
The Led Zeppelin roller coaster at the Hard Rock Park features multiple inversions.Whole Lotta RideLed Zeppelin- The Ride strikes a might pose at dusk.Coaster Way to HeavenThere are clever interactive opportunities around the Hard Rock Park such as this double-neck guitarWater MusicThe Beatles, Stones, Who, and more modern-day UK artists get their due in the park's British InvasioInvading the British Invasion
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