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A Swim with Dolphins Experience at SeaWorld Orlando


At Discovery Cove, SeaWorld's exclusive sister park, visitors get up close and personal with dolphins as well as stingrays, exotic birds, and other creatures. With its stunning landscaping, limited-admission policy, and all-inclusive features, it's more a tropical retreat than a theme park.
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You'll know that this is not your average day in the park as soon as you pull into Discovery Cove.Posh Hotel or Theme Park?Among the attractions at Discovery Cove is the Tropical River.Caving InDiscovery Cove guests follow the river through a cave and into a tropical forest.Tropical ForestThe Tropical River ends inside a free-flight aviary, which includes peacocks.Shakin' His Tail Feathers
Feeding the birds is encouraged inside the aviary at Discovery Cove.Feeding TimeThere are hundreds of colorful birds inside the aviary at Discovery Cove.Branching OutGuests at Discovery Cove can interact with rays in the park's Ray Lagoon.Alighting on a RayClearly, dolphins are the star attraction at Discovery CoveMeet Your Dolphin
All guests at Discovery Cove get individual hang time with a bottlenose dolphin.Say "Cheese"The dolphin interaction at Discovery Cove is truly up-close and personal.Get a Hotel Room!The dolphins at Discovery Cove take each guest for a short ride.Hang OnThe Discovery Cove trainer and the "pod" of guests give a signal to the dolphins.Get Outta Here
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