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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Florida Theme Park and Animal Park


It's a thrill ride park. It's a zoo. It's two parks in one! And it doesn't skimp on either the thrills or the animals. See the unique park, including its world-class coasters and its up-close views of wild and exotic animals.
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  1. Make Like a MonkeyJungala includes an elaborate climbing structure.
  2. Bang on the Drums All DayGuests can make their own music at Jungala.
  3. Monkey in the MiddleJungala includes a viewing glass embedded into the floor of the orangutan exhibit.
  4. Jungala's HostsColorful characters meet and greet the guests at Jungala.
  5. Hang on for the SurgeThe Surge is a mini freefall ride inside a mountain crater at Jungala.
  6. Montu Much FunMontu at Busch Gardens Tampa is one of the world's best inverted roller coasters.
  7. Quite a FeetThe feet of Montu's riders dangle as the coaster runs its course.
  8. Under and OverWith the train hanging beneath the tracks, Montu sends its passengers racing upside down into a loop
  9. Through the CatacombsOne of Montu's unique features is its underground passageways.
  10. The King of Busch Garden's Jungle The Edge of Africa exhibit includes lions.
  11. Dinner TimeBaby meerkats nurse with their mother at the Edge of Africa exhibit at Busch Gardens Africa in Tampa
  12. Scenic RouteThe train at Busch Gardens Africa travels through the middle of its Serengeti Plain.

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