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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Florida Theme Park and Animal Park


It's a thrill ride park. It's a zoo. It's two parks in one! And it doesn't skimp on either the thrills or the animals. See the unique park, including its world-class coasters and its up-close views of wild and exotic animals.
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  1. Welcome to Busch GardensThe entrance to the park looks like an African village, complete with market stalls.
  2. Yep, it's Busch GARDENSBusch Gardens is really three parks in one: a ride park, an animal park, and a botanical park.
  3. Two Tracks Are Better than OneGwazi is a dual-track wooden roller coaster.
  4. Now, That's What I Call HospitalityThe Hospitality Center at Busch Gardens Africa serves complimentary Anheuser-Busch beer products.
  5. Water-Spewing DragonLand of the Dragons at Busch Gardens Africa offers pint-sized rides for the park's younger guests.
  6. Pretty in PinkThe Flamingoes at Busch Gardens are quite photogenic.
  7. Orchid-ManiaAnother lovely orchid display at Busch Gardens Tampa.
  8. Get Ready to Shiek, er, ShriekOne of Busch Garden's signature coasters is SheKra, a floorless diving coaster.
  9. Again?!SheiKra makes a second vertical dive into an underground, fog-shrouded tunnel.
  10. Big, Wet FinishAs SheiKra heads back to the loading station, it sends a plume of water onto the midway.
  11. Tiger's BeatThe Jungala area at Busch Gardens Africa includes an exhibit featuring Bengal tigers.
  12. Who Is in the Cage?The tiger exhibit includes a pop-up dome from which guests can get an up-close view of the animals.

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