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2013 Readers' Choice Awards Honoring the Best of Theme Parks in 2012


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Best Theme Park Holidays Event of 2012: Christmas at the Holy Land Experience
2013 Readers' Choice Awards Honoring the Best of Theme Parks in 2012
Holy Land Experience
Orlando's Holy Land Experience, the park that celebrates the bible, won for its Christmas shows. As you might expect, there is less of a focus on the secular traditions of the holiday season at Holy Land and more of an emphasis on the religious aspects of Christmas.

The Theme Parks Guide says:

I did not get to experience the Christmas shows at Holy Land. But in terms of twinkling lights, festive parades, rousing shows with lots of music, and other entertainment and production values typically associated with theme park events for the holidays, I can't imagine that it truly competes with the likes of Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Dollywood, and Disneyland. But these are the Readers' Choice Awards, and the readers who enjoy Holy Land are apparently a passionate and vocal group. They sent out a clarion call (or maybe a ram's horn blast would be a more apt analogy) and got their fans to vote in huge numbers.

The Runners-Up:

  1. Christmas Town at Busch Gardens Williamsburg
  2. Smoky Mountain Christmas Festival at Dollywood
  3. Holiday Lights at Kennywood
  4. Christmas at Disneyland
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