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2013 Readers' Choice Awards Honoring the Best of Theme Parks in 2012


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Best New Water Park Ride of 2012: Mammoth
2013 Readers' Choice Awards Honoring the Best of Theme Parks in 2012
Holiday World. Used with permission.
Mammoth is big. It's right there in the name. (I know, I'm getting repetitious, but I couldn't resist.) How big? At 1763 feet, or one-third mile, it is the world's longest water coaster. The coaster is one of the signature rides at Splashin' Safari, the attraction-packed water park that is included with admission to Holiday World in Indiana.

And where, you may ask, is the world's second-longest water coaster? That'd be Splashin' Safari as well, which also offers Wildebeest. That water coaster was voted the best new water park ride of 2010. The trophy shelf must be getting kinda full at Holiday World.

The Theme Parks Guide says:

Faced with the record-breaking status of Mammoth, the other nominees in this category were all at a distinct disadvantage. And while they are all great rides in their own right, only King Cobra at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in New Jersey offered anything unique or distinct from similar water park rides.

The Runners-Up:

  1. Wipeout at Morey's Piers
  2. King Cobra at Hurricane Harbor at Six Flags Great Adventure
  3. Mile High Flyer at Water World Colorado
  4. Wild Vortex at Wilderness at the Smokies
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