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Readers' Choice Awards - Best of Theme Parks 2011


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Best Theme Park Holidays Event of 2011: Holiday Lights
Readers' Choice Awards - Best of Theme Parks 2011
Kennywood, the traditional amusement park in Pennsylvania, ran away with the best holiday event contest, one of this year's new categories for the Readers' Choice Awards. It's a bit of an upset in that 2011 was the first year that Kennywood offered the Christmas festival, and it faced what should have been some tough competition from established events at Dollywood, Six Flags, and other parks.

In its inaugural year, Kennywood offered a synchronized holiday light show, dished out plenty of seasonal food and hot chocolate to help keep guests toasty, and even opened its carousel and a handful of its rides for the event.

The Theme Parks Guide says:

Kennywood deserves plenty of credit for producing its first-ever Holiday Lights event and for rallying its fans to vote in the awards. I was surprised that Disney World (and to a lesser degree, Disneyland) was not even nominated for its lavish holiday presentations.

The Runners-Up:

  1. Smoky Mountain Christmas at Dollywood
  2. A Very Furry Christmas at Sesame Place
  3. Holiday in the Park at Six Flags Over Texas
  4. Christmas at The Holy Land Experience
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