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Readers' Choice Awards - Best of Theme Parks 2011


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The 2012 Readers' Choice Awards Winners for Theme Parks and Water Parks
Readers' Choice Awards - Best of Theme Parks 2011
About.com, 2012.
In the second year of About.com's Readers' Choice Awards on the Theme Parks site, which honors the best achievements at theme parks and water parks for 2011, the readers have made their choices.

There are other (wonderful) Web-based park awards programs, but About.com's is unique in that, not unlike the Academy Awards, it focuses on achievements for the preceding year. Nominations began in mid-January, and readers chose five finalists in seven categories (up from four last year). Voting ran from February 22 through March 21.

Winners do not receive any prizes, but they can claim bragging rights that come with getting acknowledged by the readers of one of the Web's leading networks. There also is no ceremony, so nobody has to endure any corny jokes, lame song-and-dance numbers, or cut-to-the-music acceptance speeches. With that, let's get to the winners, shall we?

You can click through to see the winners and runners-up in all of the categories, or click on a link below to jump to a particular category.

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