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Best of Theme Parks 2010


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The 2011 Readers' Choice Awards for Theme Parks Winners
Best of Theme Parks 2010
About.com, 2011.
2011 marked the first year for About.com's Readers' Choice Awards for Theme Parks. Park fans enthusiastically embraced the awards and responded with an impressive voter turnout and boisterous comments and opinions.

Unlike a number of other (great) park awards programs, what makes About.com's a bit different is that it focuses exclusively on achievements in the past year. Think of it as the Academy Awards or People’s Choice awards for parks. Nominations were open from January 13 through February 4, and readers chose five finalists in each category. Voting ran from February 11 through March 8.

There is no prize–just the bragging rights that come with getting recognized by the readers of a leading website owned by The New York Times Co. There also is no ceremony, so nobody has to suffer through any long-winded acceptance speeches. However, I would like to thank my agent, my publicity team, my wife, and of course.... What? Just get on with the awards already?

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