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Best Indoor Water Parks


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North America's Top Water Park Resorts. Number 10: Castaway Bay
Castaway Bay is one of North America's best indoor water parks.
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There are dozens of indoor water park hotels. But not all parks are created equal. And the biggest ones aren't necessarily the best. Conversely, relatively small indoor water parks can pack a lot of watery fun into a tight space. Which ones make the biggest splash? Before you go shopping for a new pair of Speedos, check out my top-10 picks for North America's best indoor water parks.

Number 10: Castaway Bay

  • Location: Sandusky, Ohio (located next to -- and operated by -- Cedar Point)
  • Indoor Water Park Square Footage: 38,000

The compact indoor water park features plenty of activities, including the Rendezvous Run indoor water coaster (the resort is run by coaster-crazy Cedar Point after all), an interactive water play center, and a wave pool. Even in the middle of winter, as you gaze longingly at the snowed-in coasters in the distance at the closed amusement park, you could at least have some indoor park fun.

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