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Theme Park Bests

Find out which coasters, rides, food, and other things at parks made it to the tops of the lists.
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Best Theme Park Attractions
They may not be the tallest, fastest or scariest, but these attractions combine storytelling, ride elements, technology, and more to immerse guests in themed environments and transport them to the places of their dreams. Some are timeless, some are cutting-edge, all represent parks' crowning achievements.

The Best Roller Coasters
While the basic roller coaster concept hasn't changed since they first thrilled us, new technologies and innovations are allowing designers to break, on a regular basis, previously unthinkable thresholds. They are also able to produce an enormous variety of unique, if terrifying, coaster experiences. The quest for coaster nirvana is ongoing; the...

Walt Disney World's Best Restaurants
An About.com video about the best restaurants at Walt Disney World.

Best Walt Disney World Rides
Are you planning a trip to Walt Disney World in Florida? Do you want to know which rides, shows, and attractions are must-sees at the resort's four theme parks? Herewith, a list of the very best Walt Disney World rides.

Best Universal Orlando Dining
Discover the best Universal Orlando dining, as determined by some of the most popular and respected travel writers covering the Florida theme park resort.

Best Disneyland Dining
Discover the top places to dine and the best food throughout the Disneyland Resort.

The Best of Disneyland
Do you want to know which rides and attractions are must-sees at the Disneyland's two theme parks? Let's count down the top 10.

Best Indoor Water Parks
Find out which ones get the nod for being among the best.

Z-Tickets: The Worst at Theme Parks
I'm coining the term "Z-Tickets" to highlight what I think are among the worst that theme parks have to offer. Not individual attractions per se. Think of Z-Tickets as the citations that fans like you would write if you could issue a citizen's arrest to theme park, water park, and amusement park officials.

Top 10 Walt Disney World Thrill Rides
Find the scariest rides at the Florida resort.

Best Disney World Rides for Kids
Which ones made the list?

Bad Things at Theme Parks - Users Sound Off
Users sound off about bad things at theme parks, including bad food, high prices, maddening policies, and crummy experiences. Join the conversation with your own theme park rant.

Top 10 Most Overrated Roller Coasters in North America
The top 10 most overrated roller coasters aren't necessarily terrible coasters. But they are overrated in the sense that they don't meet expectations. These are the 10 roller coasters in North America that leave me the most disappointed.

The Top 10 Rides of the Decade
The first ten years of the Millennium have been a prolific decade for North American theme parks. Between 2000 and 2009, ride designers capitalized on advances in technology and bold innovation, and combined it with plenty of creativity and solid storytelling to produce some terrific attractions. So what are the top 10 rides of the decade? The following list represents my picks. Note that with th…

The Top 10 Rides of the Decade - About.com Users Choose
The top 10 theme park rides of the decade, 2000 to 2009, as chosen by the users at About.com's Theme Parks site.

Best Disney World Rides- Users Choose Top Disney World Rides
Users at About.com's Theme Parks site choose their favorite Disney World Rides.

Top 10 Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Thrill Rides

The 10 Best Restaurants at Disney World

The Best Haunted Attractions
Roller coasters get most of the glory, carousels get plenty of PR spin, and whirling rides get lots of...dizzy passengers and the occasional visit from a clean-up crew. But haunted attractions, also known as spooky rides or by the industry term, dark rides, have been, and continue to be, an integral part of the theme park and amusement park experience as well. Herewith, in no particular order, ar…

Theme Parks for Families with Young Children
Most theme parks have rides, entire lands, and other features for very young visitors. But a few parks are geared entirely for the 12-and-under set. Discover magical places where your young kids would be able to ride most of the rides.

Best Theme Parks Rides - Users Choose Best Theme Parks Rides
Users at About.com's Theme Parks site choose their favorite theme park rides. Did your top pick make the list?

Top Roller Coasters in Florida
See which rides made the list.

Best Rides at Kings Island
Which roller coasters should you absolutely, positively not miss when you visit Kings Island in Ohio? Let's run them down.

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