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Six Flags New England


Home to one of the world's greatest coasters, Bizarro, Six Flags New England has a great collection of attractions for younger kids and a huge water park, to go with the thrill rides.
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  1. Get on the Six Flags BusNote the six flags that line the parking plaza.
  2. The First of Many LinesLines can get long at the entrance plaza on busy days.
  3. Superheroes Only Beyond this PointEntrance to Six Flags' DC Super Hero Adventures area.
  4. Hmm. Read a Book? Or Ride a Ride?The DC Super Hero Adventures area features a stark, comic book look and feel.
  5. That IS BizarroThe highlight of Six Flags New England is the Bizarro coaster.
  6. Up, Up, and Away-UpThe incredible Bizarro coaster rises 208 feet over the banks of the Connecticut River.
  7. Faster than a Speeding BulletBizarro accelerates to a bone-rattling 77 mph.
  8. Fly Like SupermanBizarro is an airtime-lover's dream.
  9. Coaster NirvanaThis Ride of Steel demands nerves of steel.
  10. ShieldedAs it returns near the loading station, Bizarro's train soars through a series of "S" shields.
  11. Super-HotHuge flamethrowers ignite (a favorite coaster effect these days) during the latter third of the ride
  12. Spaghetti BowlEven near the end of the ride, as Bizarro enters the "spaghetti bowl."

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