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Six Flags Fright Fests 2013

Guide to Halloween Events


Six Flags Fright Fest 2013 will include freaky characters.

These Six Flags Fright Fest characters would appear to need some sleep.

Six Flags. Used with permission.
Fear is a big part of Six Flags' appeal. Ultimately, it's all about fun. But that sense of apprehension we get when we stare up at one of Six Flags' diabolical roller coasters, and the feeling of mastery we experience when we disembark one of the beasts fulfill some primal urge lurking deep within our psyches. The Six Flags parks provide safe havens for us to conquer our demons. And at Halloween time, the Fright Fest events at Six Flags parks give us even more demons to conquer.

Things to know

  • What: 2013 Fright Fest Halloween events with haunted mazes, costumed ghouls, and other themed fun. Most of Six Flags' roller coasters and non-water rides will be operating during the events. Each park will have signature Fright Fest features, including unique mazes, haunted houses, shows, and special events. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, for example, will feature the haunted maze, Total Darkness (which, I'm guessing, isn't an entirely accurate name. Surely, there will be brief moments of fright-filled scares).
  • Cost: Prices vary. The event is included with Six Flags general admission, but some of the parks charge additional fees for some of the haunted mazes and houses.
  • When: Schedules vary by park, but generally the events will operate weekends during October. A complete park-by-park list with more detailed info is available on the pages that follow.
  • Where: Virtually all of the Six Flags parks will be joining the devilish fun. The pages that follow have a complete rundown.
  • Who: The parks cater to young children with afternoon programming featuring the Looney Tunes characters. After dark, Fright Fest is geared more to the PG-13-and-up crowd, although some parks maintain scare-free zones for the young 'uns at night as well.
  • Pictures: To get a preview of the frightening fun, check out the Six Flags Fright Fest photo gallery.

Find Fright Fest Info for Your Area Six Flags Park

The following pages offer a park-by-park guide to the events. The guide is arranged alphabetically, by state.

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